Data from Portugal in organization, shows that the automotive sector is responsible for 4% of the European GDP and provides jobs for 12 million people. Each year, In the EU, 19.2 million cars, vans, trucks and buses are manufactured.

With 29.000 companies linked to the sector, Portugal is in the forefront of this industry, being responsible for 11% of total national exportations. In such a competitive sector, all players must be on the “top of their game”.

One of the major companies, located in centre of the country, is the true example of the strength of the sector. Founded in 1965, they had the capacity of understanding the industry and adapting to its constant changes. With the main goal, of reinforcing their 80% product export rate, they recently inaugurated brand-new facilities which possess benchmark equipment.

We are honoured, as VLB, to be recognized as their supplier of tube forming equipment and the EB83CNC 9 axis full electric tube bender is the perfect example of decision making they need to have to maintain and improve their product conversion rate.

Equipped with high definition camera indexing, this high production speed and low power consumption machine, performs bends of multiple fixed and variable radii in the same cycle and its equipped with quick change of bending tools.

VLB electric tube benders have the most advanced technology and highest performance in the market. Created from scratch in the middle of the industrial revolution 4.0, they incorporate all the latest features and developments which are typical for this new approach.