Spain it´s a country with high reputation in production of consumer goods.

In the middle of 20th Century, when the second world war is over, there was a need for changes on the economic situation of the country.  The bet was in industrialization. This new way, gave rise to the need and appearance of Industrial Design. The “Catalan” school is one of the most recognized in the world.

This strategy, gives place to the appearance of thriving highly specialized metalworking industry, in order to answer to the constant challenges placed daily of the appearance of new products.

A company from Barcelona, specialized on bending operations for this demanding market, trusted on VLB a fully automatic production cell. This cell is constituted by a fully electric bending machine with rotative head, automatic warehouse loading system and tube manipulator robot. It is able to produce highly complex parts, with fixed and variable radius and punching, completely autonomously and without human intervention.

The tube bending machines of VLB, present the most advanced technology and performance on the market. Created in the midst of industrial revolution 4.0, they incorporate all the features and concepts recommended by this new approach.

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