Section Benders | SB Series

VLB profile rollers offer endless possibilities for bending profiles and pipes, regardless of the dimensions. Materials are constantly evolving in terms of mechanical properties and profile shapes, and designers and architects are pushing the boundaries with innovative shapes and geometries. VLB's R&D department applies its knowledge to developing solutions that exceed the expectations of complex bending work. The VLB range of bending machines is suitable for bending large pipe diameters and profiles up to IPE1000.

Category: Section Benders

Built to last

VLB machines are constructed according to the highest mechanical requirements. This applies to the construction of the frame and the supports of the shafts, which consist of high-definition laser and plasma-cut construction parts that are milled, turned and machined in the most stable way in one setup in our latest machining center with DAS + technology.

Result, a robust and extremely durable and stable structure!

The shafts are made of high quality steel (42CrMo4), milled on the latest generation of CNC lathes, heat treated for high hardness (54-56 hours) and then polished. The shafts are provided with self-lubricated and self-aligning bearings, which guarantees excellent performance and virtually no deflection.

Power in every situation

All movements of the VLB profile bending machines are generated by a powerful hydraulic group. The rotation of the rollers is independent and is executed by means of three hydraulic motors coupled to planetary gear units.

This system generates strength and control over the bending of profiles, even under extreme pressure. The movements of the side guides are controllable in three directions to facilitate the bending.

Easy operation and guaranteed repeatability

All movements are controlled from a separate central unit and the data is displayed in real time on a digital screen.

Depending on the application, the VLB 3-roll section benders can be equipped with two types of control; NC control with self-learning (teach-in) system or full CNC control for machining complex and difficult curves.

Bending rolls for every situation

Our profile bending machines are standard equipped with a set of universal rollers. A wide range of standard profiles can be rolled with this modular tooling by combining different rolls.

In the case of specific bending or rolling work, our technical department has extensive knowledge and experience to develop the necessary bending rolls to bend any profile. The rollers are produced and meet the highest quality requirements.

Traditional sectors where bent pipes and profiles are used are the energy sector, the construction of boilers and heat exchangers, windmills and oil platforms, marine and aerospace, transport pipelines, earthmoving and technical constructions such as bridges, stadiums and buildings.